Personalized Care for Your Small Animal Friends!

Small Animal friend lying up on the bed under a blanket

Our team recognizes the distinct needs and individualities of cats and small animals. With our dedicated cat and small animal visits, we aim to deliver customized care that prioritizes the well-being and contentment of your cherished pets.

What does personalized care for your small animal mean to us?

Our Cat and Small Animal Visits Accommodations Include:
  • Water and Meal Refills: Ensuring proper hydration and nutrition is crucial. At every visit, we prioritize replenishing water bowls and serving meals in accordance with your pet’s specific schedule and dietary needs.
  • Playtime: We enhance your pet’s daily routine by providing them with stimulating play sessions. Our experienced caregivers devote dedicated time to engage with your pets, whether it involves playing with a feather toy or enjoying a comfortable snuggle.
  • Litter Box Maintenance:* For our feline friends, we provide litter box upkeep, ensuring a sanitary and cozy setting for your cats.
  • Medication and Food Supplement Administration:* If your pet requires medication or a food supplement, our trained caregivers ensure that they receive their doses as prescribed, providing peace of mind for you.
  • Daily Report Card: Stay informed about your pet’s well-being with our detailed report cards. We provide insights into their behavior, any specific activities, and notable observations during each visit.
  • Personalized Messages and Pictures: Missing your beloved pet? Receive a personal message and a snapshot of your pet(s) enjoying their time during our visit. It’s our way of bringing the joy of the visit directly to you.
  • Light Housekeeping- Waste/Clean-Up, if Needed: We understand accidents happen. Our caregivers are prepared to handle light waste or house clean-up, ensuring a tidy and comfortable space for your pets.

Duration & Pricing

Cats and Small Animal Pet Sitting
10 minutes : $12*
20 minutes : $20**
30 minutes : $24
1 hour : $28
2 hour : $48

Scheduled service times: 6am-8pm everyday of the week.

Additional Info

Additional information for our 10 & 30 minute visit:
– Our 10 minute visit is for families with outside cats or chickens only. Must live within (3) miles of our service area.
– Our 20 minute visits are for our families with inside/outside pets. Up to 4 small animals and/or exotic pets.

– Families with more than 4 species of small animals or homes with more than 2 litter boxes, will need a longer visit, to ensure your pets get individual care and attention.

Please note: Additional fees may be added to your invoices, for clients with metered parking in their neighborhoods.

For a full list of add-on fees, including Holiday Fees, please visit our FAQ’s page or Contact Us.